Thursday, June 9, 2011

Photobook request

Justin and I have a small creative request for our friends and family, and we hope that as many people participate as possible! 

We have heard from many Peace Corps volunteers that it can be very meaningful to have photos of friends and family, both to remind of home when things get tough, and to also share with the new community in Morocco. So Justin and I have decided to create a photo book that is filled with photos and (hopefully) greetings from the very important people in our lives (which of course is YOU!).

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to send us the following (digital or traditional mail, either is fine, if you need our mailing address just email me):

1-2 photos to remember you by. Could be pictures of us together, just you, you and Mickey Mouse, whatever you would like!
A short message to us. Could be sentimental, humorous, a haiku, song lyrics, etc.
    If you want to design a full page yourself, then feel free - just send us a jpeg that is approximately 11" across and 8" tall.  Group entries are accepted too!

      Please have your submissions into us by mid-July so that we have time to get it printed. I really hope that we have lots and lots of photos, it will be a wonderful reminder of home!

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