Monday, November 5, 2012

An ocean in between

For the last week or two I've found myself glued to the computer, constantly checking for news updates - watching every movement of Hurricane Sandy, reading reports of the damage, and looking at photos of the aftermath. Sometimes I feel very connected to everyone and everything happening at home, but at times like this I am reminded of the large ocean that lies between us and our friends and family in the U.S.

But, you want to know a nice thing that has happened here since the hurricane? I cannot even begin to count the number of Moroccans who have reached out to Justin and me about our friends and family - Are they okay? Have we spoken with them? What are people doing to rebuild? Many don't even know where we are from in the U.S., they just know that a terrible disaster happened in America, and perhaps we might have connections to it.

It's been really hard to be so far away from home when such awful damage has happened to many on the East Coast. But while there's an ocean between us and our fabric of friends and family back home, I have realized that on this side of the ocean, we have been able to weave our own fabric of friends and family here. One that from now on will always feel connected to our world. A friend who just returned to America from Tunisia posted a comment from one of her students that stuck with me: "For the first time, I feel worried about other people without knowing them just because I know you."

So maybe that ocean in between isn't so big after all :)


  1. Have just discovered your blog and look forward to checking in and reading more. That quote will stick with me as well. Thanks for sharing...
    Morocco is the country of study this year for the Country Women's Association of Australia (CWA). Have you heard of the group? It's all a bit of fun for me really, but am so pleased to have found your blog so I can report back to the group on what I've been reading. See? Your reach goes a lot wider than you probably realise, even though there are big oceans between us all.
    Hope your day is a beautiful one.

    1. Hi Bron, thanks so much for your note and I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying the blog! I had not heard of the CWA but just read a bit about it and it sounds like the organization has done some really wonderful things for women. I hope that you'll be able to teach them a bit more about Morocco from reading the blog. I am always interested in teaching others about my experiences, so if you ever wanted to send me questions or to set up some sort of dialogue with your CWA branch, I would be happy to talk more!

    2. Oh yes, let's do that! Thanks for offering to help out and opening up the possibility of an ongoing discussion between Morocco and Australia. The CWA gaggle will be thrilled to hear we have made contact and that the door is open for future discussions.And how wonderful for me to be getting to know you a little better. Thanks Lauren. I'll take a photo of the group at the next meeting and email it to you...let the adventures begin.