Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Winds of Change..

Something that I have noticed about living in Morocco is that I really feel the time changing, much more so than I did in the U.S. For example, since we do not have air conditioning or heat in our apartment (very few people in Morocco do), I can truly feel the changing of the seasons. In the last week or so, I have been very excitedly anticipating the beginning of fall because I have been sleeping with a BLANKET (imagine that!). And in our market, I love watching produce come in and out based on the season (I was sad to see strawberries leave with the coming of summer but they were replaced with the most amazing watermelons I have ever eaten!). And because we spend lots of time walking around town, we've seen the dynamic of the community change over the last few months - from school ending and families traveling, to Ramadan ushering in a more nocturnal schedule, and now to families preparing again for the beginning of the school year.

The seasons are not the only things that are changing - Over the next few months, we are seeing lots of new developments in our personal and work lives. First off, we'll be starting classes (and hopefully other activities) in early October and we're spending this last month getting prepared. It's been nice having extra time, but I'm looking forward to having a bit more of a daily routine. Next, we'll soon be saying goodbye to a round of Peace Corps Volunteers, many of whom are now our friends, as they will be closing out their service and heading back to the U.S. - and when that happens, we will have reached our halfway mark! And lastly, the most recent change is that our sitemate Robin has left Tiflet to return back to America. We had a goodbye dinner the day before she left, and you can see some photos below.

So the winds of change are blowing ever so strong this month! But I have to say that our experiences here have helped me to hone the traits of patience, adaptability, and flexibility - Whereas before I might have looked upon changes with nervousness, now I relish them, because with those changes come new experiences and adventures!

Justin and Robin (and our maps and bikes).
My first try at homemade sugar cookies, pretty good!
The one on the bottom right says "Rebha" which is Robin's Moroccan name,
 bestowed on her by youth in the community.
The spread - Yogurt-marinated kabobs, saffron rice with almonds and raisins,
vinegar slaw, and cookies. Have been doing lots of cooking recently -
more on that in another post!
Robin and her heart cookie :)

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