Saturday, June 30, 2012

My parents visit Morocco!

Here's the second installment of updates from the last few weeks. After our regional meetings in Azrou ended, Justin and I hopped on a train to meet my parents who were arriving in Casablanca! They spent about a week in Morocco with us and we used the time to catch up on many lost months, with sightseeing, shopping, partaking in wonderful Moroccan food, and of course, enjoying lots of family time together. Hope you enjoy the photos from a week that went by far too quickly!!

Overlooking Rabat's Kasbah and the Atlantic Ocean
A Jewish synagogue from the 17th century in Fes
A break from sightseeing, and enjoying some mint tea!
A musician in Rabat's Kasbah
With a guard, in front of the Mohammed V Mausoleum in Rabat
A traditional breakfast food called "milwi" - very good!
Beautiful fountain
Mom and Dad in a garden in Rabat's Kasbah
Overlooking the Fes tanneries, where leather is dyed by hand! Quite a smell but really cool to see.
Close-up of blue dyed leather
I have developed an affinity for taking photos of beautiful Moroccan lamps :)
In front of the Hassan Tower in Rabat
Dad does his famous Weinrich act (pretending to run into something) in Rabat
A spread of yummy Moroccan salads!
Pouring tea
Doors to the King's Palace in Fes
Called "bastilla au lait," a very tasty dessert!
Lunch with our host family in Tiflet
My Moroccan and American parents together :)

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