Sunday, July 29, 2012

Because Morocco doesn't have windmills...

I discovered a feature on my blog that allows me to write an entry, and set it to post at a later date. So, by the time you will read this new blog post, Justin and I will be on our first trip away from Morocco in 10 months! Here's where we are:

First stop, to the land of canals, herrings, museums, and CHEESE... the Netherlands! We'll be in Amsterdam for 3 days, then we are renting a car and driving to Maastricht and Den Haag with a few stops along the way. We come back to Amsterdam and then catch an overnight train to...

... our second stop, the Czech Republic! We'll be in Prague for 3 days, and will also take a few day trips to visit castles and historic sites. Then we'll return to Amsterdam for 1 last day before flying back to Morocco.

None of the above are my photos, of course, but hopefully the blog entry upon our return will be filled with lots of new ones to share with everyone :)  In the meantime, wishing a good Ramadan to those who are fasting and a wonderful summer to everyone!

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