Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brooklyn descends on Tiflet!

Phew... catching my breath from a whirlwind few days, as the Bernsteins and friends have now left Tiflet and are on a plane back from Casablanca as I type!

After Justin's parents and a few of their friends had a weeklong tour in other parts of the country, they came over to us and we spent 4 days exploring Tiflet and Rabat - Here are some of the things we did:
  • Visited Rabat's old medina and kasbah, with great shopping and beautiful views of the ocean.
  • Ate in one of the few Chinese restaurants in Rabat (I've learned that this is a Bernstein travel tradition!).
  • Toured the beautiful Saint Pierre Cathedral in Rabat.
  • Had a wonderful meal with our host family in Tiflet (rfisa-my favorite!).
  • Did lots of exploring around Tiflet - our Youth Center, the downtown markets, the cafes, meeting our friends, and generally just wandering.
  • Visited our weekly souk (an open-air market) on the edge of town.
  • Relaxed in our apartment and cooked some Moroccan-style food.
  • Ate and drank lots and lots and lots: fresh juices (my favorite is banana and avocado), mint tea, warm breads, piping fresh donuts from our favorite pastry guy, a fried mashed potato snack called maakouda (yes, I did say fried mashed potatoes), and sweet and fragrant bastilla.

It was a wonderful time spent with our first U.S. visitors and we hope they enjoyed our part of Morocco as much as we enjoyed having them. For the rest of you, you only have 582 more days left of travel time, so start booking those reservations! :)
Lots of fun colors in the Rabat market
Overlooking Sale, a city next to Rabat, and of course the beautiful ocean
The Saint Pierre Cathedral in Rabat
Father and son in our apartment (along with our photo/card collection on the wall)
The crew, just before dinner (meat and veggies grilled on a "mjmar," a clay oven,
along with mustard cream sauce, and saffron rice)
RFISA, at our host family's house - I promise to all of you that I will learn how to make this!
At one of the (many) cafes, with some rugs for sale hanging in the background
in Rabat, in the old medina
Justin and the amazing Martha, who trooped around Morocco like it was nothing!
I would love to be like this woman at 81 years!
Justin and me in our apartment. Two days of being a tourist got me TAN!

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