Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Week in Photos

Last week was spent in Mehdia (north of Rabat) for training sessions -
bundled up but still on the BEACH!!
Moroccan surfers
Can't get much good fish in our site,
so I made a beeline to the nearest restaurant -
here's today's local catch!
Justin jumped off a ledge and landed in a big pile of sand,
and I caught a funny moment on camera :)
Moroccan surf school - Mehdia is apparently
a big surfing town in Morocco
Lots of old-looking buildings that are
abandoned during the non-summer months
The ceiling in our training site - beautiful!
Sunset over the rocks and water in Mehdia
Back home from Mehdia and we celebrate Valentine's Day with pizza!
Third time I've made it and the best so far.  Recipe will be posted soon!
The day after pizza, we craved something hot as we are in the dead of winter and
no heating in the house! So it was time to break out the matzah ball soup mix,
courtesy of Mom and Dad (THANK YOU!!).


  1. That is a solid effort on that pizza. I want.

  2. Thanks Dave - will get lots of practice so pizza 2014 will be KILLER :)