Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sandy update!

In previous posts, I mentioned quite possibly the greatest dog in the history of the universe - our beautiful Sandy. We fostered her from late December through mid April and attribute her joining a wonderful forever family largely to our "Adopt Sandy!" campaign :) We think of her often and have (perhaps over-enthusiastically) shared pictures and videos with many of our fellow Peace Corps colleagues.

We recently received an update from her great parents along with new pictures, and I wanted to take a break from the Morocco-related posts to share. She is not surprisingly doing wonderfully! She had some health issues around the summer, but those seem to be resolved and she is healthy and beautiful. We've been told that she is now what they call a "veggie dog" and her favorite treat is baby carrots. We also hear that she is bilingual which they discovered when a Spanish language program came on the TV. She reacted to it, and they tried out some commands in Spanish, and you can guess the rest - we always knew she was a smart girl! We feel so privileged that we had her in our lives for even a few short months and are very grateful that she has found a wonderful family who is willing to keep us in the loop :)

Here are some recent photos - hope you enjoy.

P.S. - while she still doesn't like the rain, she enjoyed playing in the October snow in New York!!

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