Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello from Morocco!

It has only been about 4 days and it feels more like 4 months! 

We have gone through so much this week - emotionally, physically, geographically, and mentally. We have met and successfully learned the names of 40 of our new government-issued friends (our other Peace Corps trainees)... we have already learned how to count to 100 in Moroccan Arabic, along with a slew of phrases around greeting people, ordering/paying in a cafe or store, and very important questions such as "Where is the toilet?" (more on the Turkish toilet in later post)... we have learned about our training schedule over the coming months... we have received medical kits, vaccinations, government-issued passports, insurance cards... we have filled out lots and lots and lots of paperwork... we have been educated on Morocco past and present... and we have begun to learn about what our next 2 years will be like, both professionally and personally... oh yes, and a LOT of really good meals. All that in less than 64 hours. So far, a lot to take in, but Justin and I are just trying to soak it in bit by bit (or as they say in Moroccan Arabic, "swiya b swiya" - little by little).

In the whirlwind of activity, I have not been able to take too many photos, but we were able to leave our compound in Fes for a short time this afternoon and I took some photos along the way. More to come soon as we have more time to explore and learn. I miss everyone and hope that all is well in the U.S. of A!

Sunset over Fes traffic
A beautiful mosque near our training site
View of Fes and the mountains from our bedroom
Seasonal outdoor market near our training site


  1. nice post - any idea why we didn't get it in email?

  2. so great to hear from y'all!

  3. Pat, I think it went through this afternoon, some time zone issues :) Let me know if you didn't receive.
    Emily, right now we have pretty decent internet access so I'm going to try to post as much as I have time for!

  4. I'm looking forward to reading more posts from you. Keep it going!

  5. Lauren - this is so exciting; I can't wait to follow your adventure! Keep posting pictures :)