Friday, May 20, 2011

Life is Calling*... Part Three

(continued from parts one and two - click back to read them first!) 

After the summer ended, Justin and I realized that our Peace Corps dreams would likely not come to a reality until the following summer, and as much as I wanted to stay in my volunteering bubble for a while longer, I thought it might be best to combine that with working full-time. So I started freelancing back in ad agencies to keep the paycheck coming in, and I continued my work with the Taproot Foundation as I mentioned in my last post… but alongside these, we had a lot of other incredible experiences, including:

Trips: Justin and I were fortunate to be able to take a massive amount of wonderful trips, both together and separately, over the past year. We traveled to destinations for friend’s weddings (Austin, Boston, Connecticut, Pittsburgh), visits to friends and family (Alabama, Memphis, Wilmington, Monroe, Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Jersey), and some very fun travel experiences that also included friends and family (Baltimore, Santa Fe, Iceland and Scotland!). We were even fortunate enough recently to have the whole of Scotland come down to Brooklyn for my wonderful sister-in-law’s wedding (we’ll be traveling back to Scotland over the summer for more wedding shenanigans, so more on this later!).
A gorgeous wedding in Austin
with friends from Justin's law school
Running a 1/2 marathon with my bro
in Atlanta (I only joined in for 6 miles)
Visiting my sister-in-law and
now husband in Edinburgh
Snowmobiling on a glacier
in Iceland
Visiting our friend Sarah
in New Mexico
Visiting my parents in North Carolina
Looking out over the Ring of Kerry
in Ireland
Visiting my second family in Louisiana

Sandy: This is by far the highlight of my last year. Probably even my last 10 years. Justin and I decided to temporarily foster a dog, since we both wanted to have a dog together and as I was freelancing, I had far more time than ever before. So we found Sandy, a stray from the south, who had been brought to New York by a foster organization. We spent 4 months with this sweet, amazing dog who we opened up our hearts to. We fattened her up (from 52 to 68 pounds!), taught her tricks, and generally just gave her lots of love and affection. After we launched an intense marketing campaign in the spring that included YouTube videos, a Facebook page, and lots of emails, we found Sandy a wonderful new home and had to say goodbye. It broke our hearts to part with this dog who truly became a part of our family, but we know that we did a great thing for her and that she will have a wonderful life!

When we first got her (very skinny)
Justin gives Sandy a big hug
How can you not LOVE that face?
Family portrait
So there you have it. I summed up an entire year in 3 blog posts which isn’t too bad. Now we are spending our time planning for THIS SUMMER which I’m sure you will be reading more about soon:
  • A trip to Vietnam, Thailand, and Scotland
  • A road trip across the country to say farewell to friends and family
  • A goodbye NYC tour of all of our favorite places 
  • And packing up our lives for the next 2 years… OY!
* Footnote: In case you are wondering, “Life is Calling” (also in my header on top of the blog) is the current Peace Corps motto.  The whole thing reads “Life is calling… how far will you go?”

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